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Our support goal is to provide you great self-service tools that insure your success. Still need help after reading these? Submit a question through our Help Center. Are you a member? Post your question(s) in your course specific discussion forum.


How do I sign up to take a course?
Once you are a member of Pepper you can then sign up for the course(s) of your choice. If you are not currently a member of Pepper, please contact us to learn more at
What if I have technical trouble with registration, login, or course access?
Many problems with registration, login, or access to Pepper courses are caused by simple browser issues. Here are some things to try:
  • Clear your browser's cache
  • Switch to a current version of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 10
  • Check your browser settings to ensure both JavaScript and cookies are enabled
What happens after I sign up to be a member of Pepper?
You will receive an activation email. Follow the prompts in that email to activate your account. You will need to log in each time you access your course(s). Once you start a course, it's time to hit the virtual books. Click "view course" on your dashboard. You will have access the lectures, homework, tutorials, etc.
When will there be more courses on other subjects?
We are continually reviewing and creating courses to add to the Pepper platform. Please check the website for future course announcements, in addition as a member we will send you an email when new courses are available.


Can I take more than one course at a time?
Yes! You may take multiple Pepper courses. We recommend checking the requirements on each course description page to balance your available study hours and the demands of the intended courses.
How do I log in to take a course?
Click on the Log In button on the home page and type in your email address and Pepper password. This will take you to your dashboard, with access to each of your active courses.
Getting help and support.
You have a vibrant, national community of fellow online learners available 24-7 to help with the course as well as support from us who monitor the course. Take a look at the course's Discussion Forum where you can review questions, answers and comments from fellow online learners, as well as post a question.
Will the same courses be offered again in the future?
All existing Pepper courses will remain available to all members in the course catalog, and more courses added on a regular basis.


What if my user name is taken?
Please try a different username - for example, try adding a random number to the end.
What if I am having login problems (password/email unrecognized)?
Please make sure that you have a current version of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 10 with cookies and JavaScript enabled. Also, try clearing your browser's cache.
What if I forget my password?
You'll find a "Forgot password?" link under the Password field on the Login screen. Click this link and enter your email address. We'll send a message that will allow you to reset your password.
What if I did not receive an confirmation email?
If you did not receive an confirmation email it may be because:
  • There was a typo in your email address.
  • Your spam filter may have caught the activation email. Please check your spam folder.
  • You may be using an older browser. We recommend downloading the current version of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 10.
  • JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Please check your browser settings and confirm that JavaScript is enabled.
If you continue to have problems activating your account, please contact us.
What if I have problems with the display (e.g., there are tools missing from the course display, or I am unable to view video)?
Please check your browser and settings - JavaScript must be enabled. We recommend downloading and using the current version of either Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 10.