Giant Mars Map


Ready to go to Mars?

Through the Giant Mars Map™, kids get to sit, stand, walk, play, and learn together on the Red Planet! Targeted at ages 10-14 years, students perform fun projects like building personally designed spaceships and learning the names of craters and land masses on Mars. Their eyes are opened to the amazing opportunities that lie ahead for them in this new world of space exploration.


Mars Map Packages Include:

  • The large vinyl floor map depicts a colorful topography, landing sites of missions, names of regions and also features comparative data about Mars and the Earth, using both English and Metric units of measurement. The Giant Mars Map is now available in a range of sizes (13.5’ x 6’ / 20’ x 9’ / 27’ x 12’ / 33.5’ x 15’),  allowing educators flexibility to use in a school classroom, gymnasium, or even a museum lobby.
  • Educational activities developed at by ShareSpace Education and Purdue University based on National Science Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Students work in collaborative, real world-based teams to complete the integrated series of research and challenges.
  • A robot, courtesy of Boxlight
  • 15 copies of Welcome to Mars (an NSTA award-winning book)
  • Access to in-person and online program training for teachers

Mars Map Packages Include

Giant Moon Map


Ready to go to the moon?

In honor of the Apollo program’s 50th anniversary, the Aldrin Family Foundation expanded on its groundbreaking Giant Mars Map™ program to launch the new Giant Moon Map™. Eight to 12-year-old students get a deep dive on everything they would need to know to live and thrive on the Moon, while learning about one of humankind’s greatest achievements.


Moon Map Packages Include:

  • A large vinyl floor map (25’ x 25’ or 15’ x 15’) that marks each of the Apollo landing sites. It can be used on any large surface – from a school classroom or gymnasium to a museum lobby.
  • Educational activities developed by ShareSpace Education and Wingate University based upon Next Generation Science Standards and/ or North Carolina Essential Standards.
  • A 120mm, 3D model of the Moon
  • A robot, courtesy of Boxlight
  • 15 copies of Welcome to the Moon
  • Access to in-person and online program training for teachers

Mimio Mybot Education Robotics System

Mimio MyBot is an innovative platform to launch robotics in the classroom. The system removes common obstacles so robotics and coding can be taught simply and easily. Ready. Set. Build!

The Mimio MyBot system bridges the gap between learning about robotics in the classroom and the application of robotics in the real world. The intuitive and accessible system helps students develop core skills in programming, engineering, and robotics.

Pack of 10 Mimio® Robots

Benefits Include:

  • The Wi-Fi enabled Fusion™ robotic controller does not require any special software or cables to connect with the student workstation. The software, programming languages, and documentation are built in, so all you need is a browser to start learning.
  • An Intuitive and easy-to-use interface is designed for education, allowing students to start in a simple drag-and-drop environment and grow into a powerful coding environment as their skills develop.
  • A pre-loaded with a range of educational content to get you started as well as on-device access to programming and hardware reference guides, tutorials, videos, and other instructional materials.
  • An extensive set of building components that can be used to create mobile and stationary mechanical systems to explore engineering principles from simple machines to advanced mechanisms.

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