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This workshop will examine recommendations intended to help educators improve students' understanding of fractions by examining best practices, teaching techniques, and implementation of real world applications.

About This Course

This workshop is part of a new series of content collections - Pepper Online Workshops (POW!) – focusing on the hottest topics that educators are dealing with across the country.  These have been developed in partnership  with WestEd using some of the resources from their Doing What Works project. These workshops feature amazing videos, interactive planning tools, and other research-based materials.

Research from Doing What Works has shown that students who have a strong understanding of fractions and fractions concepts are better prepared for courses in advanced mathematics. Many students have difficulty with understanding fractions and thus struggle as math concepts become more challenging.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop is focused on elementary classrooms. In this workshop:

  • Participants will help students understand why procedures for computations with fractions make sense.

  • Participants will explore the use of models, number lines, and other visual representations to understand fraction computational procedures.

  • Participants will develop real world applications of solving problems that involve computing fractions. 


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WestEd, a nationally recognized nonpartisan, nonprofit research, development, and service agency working with education and other communities throughout the United States and abroad. WestEd aims to improve education and other important outcomes for children, youth and adults. WestEd provides a wide range of resources for K-12 educators to use in their classrooms. 

Lori Larsen

Lori Larsen has experience teaching in both the public and private environment and has worked at the District level in administration, as well as a education consultant traveling to schools throughout the United States and Canada. She has made presentations at local, state, and national conferences highlighting the use of technology as an instructional tool in the classroom and focuses on integrating technology and curriculum to engage students. Her experience as a classroom teacher and as a professional development specialist working with teachers gives her opportunity to work with teachers and students to effectively enhance classroom instruction and student learning.
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Course Code: POW321
Course Release: Mar 14, 2017
Estimated Effort: 1:00

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