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Standards for Mathematical Practice (Grades 9-12)

In this course, high school mathematics teachers will receive an introduction to the Common Core's eight Standards for Mathematical Practice.

About This Course

The Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs) describe varieties of expertise that teachers should aim to develop in their students. These practices describe what it means to do mathematics and what students are doing as they engage in learning the Common Core Mathematics Content Standards. The SMPs should permeate mathematics instruction across grade levels and content domains.

In this course, teachers will learn about each of the eight SMPs and gain strategies for implementing them in their classrooms. Course activities include "unpacking" the SMPs, using them in solving mathematics tasks, looking for evidence of their use in classroom video and student work, learning from research, and applying to practice.


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Course Staff

Angela Knotts

Angela Knotts works in both math education research and professional development at WestEd. Before coming to WestEd, she taught middle school and high school math for eight years, mentored and supervised pre-service teachers at USF, NDNU, and Stanford University, and designed and led professional development experiences for pre-service and in-service teachers.

Cathy Carroll

Cathy Carroll specializes in mathematics education and mathematics teacher education. She is co-author of Learning to Lead Mathematics Professional Development and Making Mathematics Accessible to English Learners. Cathy served as Director of the Mathematics Renaissance Leadership Alliance, an initiative designed to develop teacher and administrator leadership for quality mathematics programs. She also has nearly twenty years of experience teaching middle school mathematics.

Katie Salguero

Katie Salguero provides professional development in mathematics and works on math education and evaluation research. She has worked on several large-scale federally funded projects such as Aim for Algebra, Making Middle School Mathematics Accessible to All Students, Learning and Teaching Linear Functions, and CPB-PBS Ready to Learn. Before joining WestEd, she taught middle and high school mathematics.

This course is designed for teachers who have taught or will be teaching high school mathematics.
Angela Knotts, Cathy Carroll, Katie Salguero
Course Code: MA101H
Course Release: Jan 13, 2014
Estimated Effort: 15 Hours

Suggested Prerequisites:
This course is designed for teachers who have taught or will be teaching high school mathematics.

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