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Text Discussion in Middle School

Text discussions in middle school, across subject areas, can help students become more independent readers of the complex texts called for in both the English Language Arts and Literacy Common Core Standards. This course provides an introduction to teaching with text discussions that support the close reading of text, as well as speaking and listening skills in small groups.

About This Course

In this course, you will learn about metacognition and how helping students make their thinking visible can improve their reading comprehension. You will also become familiar with effective text discussion formats and structures and will plan and prepare for text discussions in your own classroom.

Course activities include reading articles, viewing and reflecting on expert videos and classroom videos, reading articles, and reflecting on your own instructional practice and learning. Your course portfolio provides an opportunity to revisit key ideas, strategies, and reflections during and after the course.


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Simply Audit this Course

Can't commit to all of the lectures, assignments, and tests? Audit this course and have complete access to all of the course material, tests, people, portfolios, and the online discussion forum. You decide what and how much you want to do.

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Looking to test your mettle? Participate in all of the course's activities (we use the honor code around here) and if your work meets the 85% requirements, you'll receive a personalized certificate to showcase your achievement. You can also apply for course credit (if desired).

Course Staff

Pamela Fong

Pamela Fong focuses on issues of literacy, school reform, college readiness, and Common Core State Standards in her qualitative research and content development at WestEd. As a professional developer for the Strategic Literacy Initiative at WestEd, Pamela developed modules and led professional development on Reading Apprenticeship, a framework and research-based pedagogical approach for teaching literacy in middle and high school content-area classrooms. Prior to WestEd, she taught curriculum and instruction at the University of San Francisco, academic reading and writing at the University of California at Berkeley, and high school English.

Kim Austin

Kim Austin develops research-based content bridging research and instructional practice for the Doing What Works project. For the past three years she has developed and facilitated online courses for charter school teachers focused on secondary reading. Prior to joining WestEd, Kim developed video cases and courses on learning theory and instruction, supported teachers in creating communities of learning in their classrooms, and facilitated Reciprocal Teaching reading groups in elementary school.

ELA101M ELA/Literacy Shifts in Middle School
Kim Austin, Pamela Fong
Course Code: ELA210M
Course Release: Oct 20, 2014
Estimated Effort: 15 Hours

Suggested Prerequisites:
ELA101M ELA/Literacy Shifts in Middle School

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