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This course is part of a series of short courses from the Understanding Language Initiative at Stanford University that facilitates the analysis and improvement of the communicative features of activities in English language development (ELD) lessons.

About This Course

Communicativeness means that rather than focusing on memorizing grammar rules and word meanings to give the appearance of language learning and use, activities actually require and foster communication--they motivate and support students in using language to get interesting and meaningful things done.

Each course in the series highlights strategies to incorporate communication into a different skill, such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, and conversation.

This “coach” version of the course is geared toward instructional coaches and others who support teachers and build school-wide capacity. As such, the reflection questions and assignment are designed to help coaches to focus on communication as they work alongside teachers in examining students’ listening skills.
We hope this series will benefit educators looking for engaging ways to enhance both content and language learning for students, especially English Language Learners.  

**Eligible for 1 CEU or 1 unit of PD when completed with atleast 2 more courses in this series (ELL411, ELL412, ELL413, ELL414, ELL415).


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Course Staff

Jeff Zwiers

Senior Researcher in the Stanford Graduate School of Education

Jeff Zwiers is a senior researcher at the Stanford Graduate School of Education and director of professional development for the Understanding Language Initiative, a research and professional learning project focused on improving the education of academic English learners. He has consulted for national and international teacher development projects and has published articles and books on literacy, cognition, discourse, and academic language. His current research focuses on improving professional learning models and developing classroom instruction that fosters high-quality oral language and constructive conversations across disciplines.

Understanding Language Initiative

Understanding Language's vision is to increase college, career, and community readiness for all students—especially English language learners (ELLs)—by transforming the quality of their educational experiences. When language and content instruction are successfully intertwined, they work synergistically and powerfully to improve student learning. Accordingly, the organization's mission is to support educators and policymakers in transforming systems to advance equity for ELLs by illuminating the symbiotic ways students learn language and academic content. Housed at Stanford University and led by the nation's leading English language learning and content area experts, Understanding Language is uniquely positioned with the practitioner and research expertise, knowledge, relationships and partnerships to help educators successfully teach language and content together.
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Course Code: ELL412
Course Release: Nov 29, 2016
Estimated Effort: 5 hrs

Suggested Prerequisites:

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