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This course is brought to you by the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education, serving arts education across the nation through our state-based members in state Departments of Education or state Arts Agencies.

About This Course

This workshop will demonstrate the ways in which the interactive website home provides an orientation to the new arts standards structure and philosophy and serves as a resource for utilizing the standards to support teaching and learning in the arts.


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Course Staff

Cory Wilkerson

Ms. Wilkerson is a free-lance education consultant in standards based arts instruction and assessment, currently serving as project manager for the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education and the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards.  In her home state of Pennsylvania, Ms. Wilkerson has served on several state wide initiatives in arts standards and assessment, co-authored the Pennsylvania Theatre Education Framework, co-chaired the Pennsylvania Standards Aligned Systems Committee for the Arts, and served as faculty for the Governor’s Institute for Arts educators.  On assignment to the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards, she assisted with the work of the writing of the new national core arts standards as Communications and Technology Manager.   Currently a member of the NCCAS National Media Arts Committee, Ms. Wilkerson co-facilitated the pilot of the national standards in Media Arts.   Ms. Wilkerson has presented on standards for the International Society for Technology in Education, the Arts Schools Network, the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture  and SxSW Edu, the Educational Theatre Association, the Arts Education Partnership, Young Audiences Arts for Learning National Conference, and  locally for various arts education organizations throughout Pennsylvania.
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Course Code: ARTS121
Course Release: Nov 10, 2016
Estimated Effort: 1 hr

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