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The goal of “Developing College and Career Ready Writers” is to help you use the Paths curriculum to develop students’ college and career ready writing skills. To do this, you will look at how Paths leverages the standards for explicit writing instruction. You will also examine Paths' integrated approach to writing instruction, and how Paths scaffolds and supports students to become college and career ready writers.

About This Course

After completing “Developing College and Career Ready Writers,” you will be able to explain how Paths leverages the standards for explicit writing instruction; identify two ways that Paths integrates writing throughout the curriculum; and describe how Paths scaffolds and supports student writing in two primary ways, through integrated resources and supplemental writing modules.


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Course Staff

Katanna L. Conley, Ph.D.

Katanna is a Senior Literacy Associate at Public Consulting Group. Katanna has worked extensively with districts, schools and individual teachers on creating Common Core aligned instruction and assessment. Katanna's work focuses on providing Common Core professional development to middle and high school teachers as well as coaching school and district administrators to create Common Core aligned curriculum to improve student achievement. Katanna has worked extensively on statewide projects in Maine and Indiana and has developed professional development materials for districts in Massachusetts and California. Immediately prior to joining PCG, Katanna was an Assistant Professor of Secondary Literacy Education at the University of Vermont where her research focused on reading practices and engagement with adolescents in underserved populations.

Peter Seidman, M.Ed.

Peter is a Senior Associate and Literacy Subject Matter Expert with Public Consulting Group. Peter has played a critical role on the New York State project team, developing Common Core English Language Arts curriculum and professional development resources for educators across the state. Peter has also served as client lead on the New York City and Hartford, CT projects while designing and facilitating professional learning experiences for diverse audiences of large urban district educators. He provides coaching and leadership support to schools and districts in the New York metropolitan area. Prior to joining PCG, Peter served as a coach for the New York City Department of Education’s Central Office. In this role, he supported educators in aligning their practice to the Common Core standards, and evaluated CCSS curricular resources for the Department. Peter also has served as an administrator for a charter management organization in Los Angeles.
PATHS1: Getting Started with the Paths Curriculum
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Course Code: PATHS4
Course Release: Jan 21, 2018
Estimated Effort: 1 Hour

Suggested Prerequisites:
PATHS1: Getting Started with the Paths Curriculum

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