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This course provides new teachers with strategies and tools that enable them to develop confidence and skills as they improve their classroom practice. You will learn to identify your professional responsibilities and develop strategies to help you navigate the school environment. 

About This Course

You will explore the importance of relationships with your students, as well as with colleagues, supervisors, and parents/guardians. You will explore ways to motivate students, build relationships among the students in your class, and establish a culture of high achievement in which all students can succeed. You will explore effective strategies for designing and delivering instruction and proactively managing your classroom. As a final focus, you will identify ways to continue to grow throughout your career as an educator.  In order to engage you deeper into the content, you will complete Apply It Activities throughout the course. These activities will collectively serve as a mini “Survival Guide” to provide you with ongoing support beyond this course. 


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Course Staff

Julia G. Thompson

Julia G. Thompson has been a public school teacher for more than 35 years. Thompson has taught a variety of courses, including freshman composition at Virginia Tech, English in all of the secondary grades, mining, geography, reading, home economics, math, civics, Arizona history, physical education, special education, graduation equivalency preparation, and employment skills. Her students have been diverse in ethnicity as well as in age, ranging from seventh graders to adults. Thompson currently teaches in Fairfax County, Virginia, where she is an active speaker and consultant.

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Course Code: KDS111NB3
Course Release: Dec 05, 2020
Estimated Effort: 45 hours

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