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As a result of this course, participants will be able to describe and implement the concept of differentiation as a response to the needs, interests and abilities of learners by modifying curriculum, instruction, and classroom environment. You will explore how to reconstruct an objective so it is responsive to the needs, interests and abilities of diverse learners. 

About This Course

You will discover how to use grouping patterns as a differentiation strategy, and you will explore how to effectively implement Independent Study to help your students meet their own needs within the boundaries of the learning process. You will explore varied models of instruction, including direct instruction and inquiry-based teaching, in order to effectively respond to diversity amongst your students.


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Course Staff

Dr. Sandra Kaplan

Dr. Sandra Kaplan teaches the methods courses for the Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. She is a consultant for several state departments and school districts nationwide on the topics of education for gifted students, differentiated curriculum in depth and complexity, and thematic interdisciplinarity. 

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Course Code: KDS105SDCI
Course Release: Dec 05, 2020
Estimated Effort: 45 hours

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