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This course focuses on teaching high school students to write persuasive arguments. 

About This Course

Course participants will learn approaches to teaching argument essay writing to students in grades nine through twelve, following the guidelines of the Common Core State Standards. By highlighting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) ELA argument writing requirements, this course will provide guidance on implementing the specific grade-level iterations of what students are expected to be able to do.

While the final product of the course will be a fully revised and edited argument essay, participants will be taken through all stages of the writing process, from learning the elements of an argument writing essay to analyzing sample texts, choosing fruitful topics, completing writing activities, considering their audience, gathering reserach, revising and editing their work. All of these stages are designed to help participants formulate their own strategies and guidelines for teaching argument essay writing as prescribed by the Common Core State Standards.

About Accelerated Literacy Learning

This course was developed by content experts from Accelerated Literacy Learning (A.L.L.).  A.L.L. provides institutes, workshops, onsite and online professional development. If you and your colleagues would like more information about customized professional development with one of our many consultants including Kristin Lim, please contact A.L.L. director, Susan Radley Brown at www.acceleratedliteracylearning.com.


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Can't commit to all of the lectures, assignments, and tests? Audit this course and have complete access to all of the course material, tests, people, portfolios, and the online discussion forum. You decide what and how much you want to do.

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Looking to test your mettle? Participate in all of the course's activities (we use the honor code around here) and if your work meets the 85% requirements, you'll receive a personalized certificate to showcase your achievement. You can also apply for course credit (if desired).

Course Staff

Kristin Lim

A native of Southern California, Kristin Lim graduated from the University of California, Irvine, and received her Master's in English Education from New York University. Kristin spent several years teaching English at the High School of Fashion Industries, in New York, where she worked with all grade levels, gaining experience in a broad range of classroom settings including ESL, inclusion, and Advanced Placement. At Fashion Industries, she worked on literature based curriculum development, emphasizing critical analysis and writing. She also served as Director of Admissions at the school. In addition to her work with Accelerated Literacy Learning, Kristin has also been on staff with Wow Writing Workshop, facilitating workshops on college essay writing for high school students. As a writer, she has published personal essays for Women's Voices for Change (womensvoicesforchange.org). In the private sector, she has worked in brand development and marketing for two multinational companies.
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Course Code: WR223H
Course Release: Aug 03, 2015
Estimated Effort: 6 Hrs Online
4 Hrs Offline

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