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Calling All Astronauts!!! The mission of this course is to create a research-based design for a lunar visitor center near one of the original Apollo landing sites. This course provides guidance for how to move through each phase of the project, providing you the resources you need along the way to accomplish your mission. Participants are encouraged to share their completed projects with others in an online community.

About This Course

From 1968 to 1972, NASA’s Apollo Space Program launched 9 rockets with human teams into space – 6 of them successfully – allowing 12 astronauts to walk on the moon, Earth’s only natural satellite. In 1969, the Apollo program took humans and landed on the moon. This challenge was the most complex in history, but it took far more than science, math, and engineering to make those first footprints in the lunar dust.

Participants are challenged to come up with a design for a visitor center that will be built near one of the original moon-landing sites. After completing the training program, you will be ready to work on project to propose a design for a lunar visitor center, one based on your own research and creativity. The training program you will go through provides background information on the moon and space flight, as well as introducing you to what the moon is like in our future scenario. Just as the original Apollo moon landing project inspired a generation to reach for the stars, this course is meant to educate and inspire, but also challenge anyone taking it. 


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Course Staff

Jim Christensen, Executive Director for ShareSpace Education, the K-12 educational arm of the Aldrin Family Foundation.

Jim began his career as a middle school science teacher, winning the Presidential Award for Excellence in mathematics and science in 1995. Prior to joining ShareSpace Education, he served as Director of Education at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. 

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Course Code: SCIA501
Course Release: Apr 10, 2020
Estimated Effort: 5 Hours

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